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‘The Magic Question’ – an Interview with Thread Publishing
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Goddesses at work

How to Be a Goddess
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When Jack Dorsey Met Fred Wilson, And Other Twitter Tales
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New Zealand Minister for Women, Louise Upston at the launch of NZ Women of Influence, 2015.

I’m Honored to be a Finalist in the NZ Women of Influence for 2015
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Dakar is one of my Favorite Cities in the World

I fell in love with Dakar and with the Senegalese people and their culture from the first moment I set foot there. There is something truly magical about this city that has pulled me back again and again. Now, through WOW, I have many good friends in Dakar and I never miss an opportunity to visit them.

Some of the highlights I recommend are the music, the art and Senegalese wrestling, a colorful spectacle you’ll never forget.

Music: Youssou N’Dour is Senegal’s Gift to the World

Youssou N’dour is a Senegalese singer, songwriter, composer, percussionist and occasional actor. Rolling Stone described him as, in Senegal and much of Africa, “perhaps the most famous singer alive.”  Youssou is as close to an international megastar as African musicians get, having earned first a massive fan base in his home of Senegal and then a worldwide following on the heels of his work with Peter Gabriel and others.  His music (termed mbalax, after the Wolof word for rhythm) incorporates the traditions of West Africa within a truly global sound, often drawing from the Afro-Cuban continnuum.  But in the end it’s N’Dour’s voice that stands out and takes center stage during his performances, impossibly catchy and melodic all the way.
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