Château d’Oigny en Valois

Château d’Oigny en Valois

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It takes a Château

Inspiring Women.  Empowering Women.  In New Zealand, our definition of woman is that you can be beautiful, accomplished and have fun and beauty in your life.

Happily the Château is equipped with bikes

The Château Retreats.  There is a special magic that ensues when you bring together high-powered women.  My friend Alison Davis and I have hosted annual outings at her 15th-century Château d’Oigny en Valois, 45 minutes outside of Paris.  It’s a place where accomplished, amazing women – who’ve had their families and brilliant careers, but have not had time for themselves – can experience community, fun and laughter.  In the time we are there, we relate, create and we can be ourselves – and get back in touch with our “inner goddesses.”

Because we are close to Paris, culture and shopping are high on the agenda.  And happily, fashion shows bridge that gap.

Les madames à la table