Goddesses at work

Goddesses at work

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How to Be a Goddess

Having learned about our Château Retreats, my friend Karan asked me to tell her what makes for a fabulous Goddess Outing. I ought to know because my friend Alison and I have been hosting such events for many years – see “It Takes a Château.” Over time we have gotten quite expert at celebrating our inner Goddess, the divine essence that Merriam Webster defines as ‘great charm or beauty that arouses adoration.’ Of course, all women possess this quality and celebrating it together is truly special.

Here are some thoughts on staging that perfect Goddess Retreat.

Goddess Spirit – always be open and bring the Goddess sprit of generousity. Differing views are fine and encouraged. Make it ok to express strong emotions or feelings without judgment.

Contributions – everyone contributes something (session on massage, musical performance, leads a discussion, arranges a special inside tour etc.)

Dress the part – we always dress for dinner in Goddess gowns and jewels.

Focus on the time in between – the best Goddess sharing always happens in the casual moments.

Goddess ceremonies – we always love creating our own Goddess ceremonies like howling to the moon…

Dinner – We always dress up and spend the evenings sharing, laughing and connecting.

Goddess Names – We always appoint stripper names – First Name (your first pet) and Second Name (the name of the first street you lived in), but these are always secret to Goddesses only.

The Salon – Culture, charities, families. We love to share music, song, plays, updates on our social ventures and nonprofits, and of course our families.

How to Help – so many women don’t ask for help. So everyone has to ask for help for something.

Don’t forget the three Ps: Pamper, Play and Pleasure.

Above all, be a Goddess!

And how did it work out for Karan? This is what she had say:

“The weekend was blissful. We celebrated being Goddesses and nurtured and cared for one another. What an amazing culture you have created and an impact you have had on us. We are all doing amazing things with our business and although we still all have opportunities for growth, we’re all very proud of what we have achieved, the direction in which we are heading and the values we share.”

A Good Goddess Time Was Had by All