Goddesses at work

How to Be a Goddess

Having learned about our Château Retreats, my friend Karan asked me to tell her what makes for a fabulous Goddess Outing. I ought to know because my friend Alison and I have been hosting such events for many years – …
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Featured in the New Zealand Herald’s “World-class Kiwis” Series

I recently had the great privilege of being featured in the New Zealand Herald – Such an honor! It’s always nice to receive kudos. Even nicer when you receive them from back home. Since vacationing there for …
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Happy and proud that WOW has had a positive impact on Senegalese families

Dakar is one of my Favorite Cities in the World

I fell in love with Dakar and with the Senegalese people and their culture from the first moment I set foot there. There is something truly magical about this city that has pulled me back again and again. Now, through …
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Château d’Oigny en Valois

It takes a Château

Inspiring Women.  Empowering Women.  In New Zealand, our definition of woman is that you can be beautiful, accomplished and have fun and beauty in your life.

The Château Retreats.  There is a special magic that ensues when you …
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