My education, my zest for travel, but especially my work, has taken me all around the world.  Which has been fine with me.  The exposure to different cultures has been fascinating and living around the world has transformed me into a global citizen.  I am so glad that since they were tiny, my husband Nick Moult and I have traveled with our children far and wide.  They too have been bitten by the travel bug and I can see it’s been the best education for them as well.

Here are the places I’ve lived for a month or more.

Asia Pacific

Palmerston North, New Zealand
Hiwinui/Bunnythorpe, New Zealand
Whakarongo/Ashhurst, New Zealand
Savu-Savu, Fiji
Wellington, NZ
Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Perth, Australia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tokyo, Japan


St Petersburg, Russia
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Oigny-en-Valois, France


Dakar, Senegal
Nairobi, Kenya


Boston, MA
New York, NY
Great Neck, NY
St Louis, MO
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
San Juan, Puert Rico
Chicago, IL
Vail, CO
Philadelphia, PA
Sausalito, CA
Mill Valley, CA