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After taking my own businesses to the next level, I developed an exclusive program to support others to do the same.

Being a CEO can be a lonely place. If you want to be a high-growth, change the world type of CEO – where do you go to learn how to do this? When I listed my company on the NASDAQ I had no independent advice. What I realised was that it was essential to have a personal board of advisors to help me, not the company. Living in the United States for 30 years I built a group of people who collaborated and we all worked together to build a bigger pie.

LevelUp is all about building a group of high-growth CEOs and creating a world just for them. It is what I had, but in a structured space, led by myself and other centurions (people who have built 100M+ companies) who want to pay it forward; helping others just as they were helped.


Why Level Up 01

A double centurion, who has truly been there and done what you will be facing as you grow. Linda is excellent at anticipating and preparing you for “what you don’t know, you don’t know”. Sharing experiences, formulas, and templates for addressing sticking points as they become relevant in your journey.

Why Level Up 03

Jellybeans are what we fondly call Linda and LevelUp network’s currency of support. Everyone in LevelUp has unique perspectives and connections to offer the group which is why we encourage everyone to generously offer up help whenever possible.

Why Level Up 02

The CEO Circle is a group of people brave enough to take on the CEO hero’s journey and have chosen to grow in community with others that are embarking on a similar path. We meet once per month to learn and support one another through the challenges and victories ahead.



A 1 day introduction to the key principles of leveling up your venture led by Linda. This session is open to all businesses, non-profit, and social venture entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and impact.  


The Core Training Program is a virtual program run through our learning management system over the course of a year. Meet with LJ and  your cohort of founders monthly to discuss your learnings and business challenges. 


The CEO Circle is Linda’s invite only private mentorship group of high growth entrepreneurs, high impact non-profits, and social ventures. The CEO Circle meets monthly at LevelUp HQ in Wellington to explore specific growth related topics and strategies.

- CEO from FrogParking
“I was struggling to find a mentor or someone who could give me functional and practical advice on my company and help me continue to grow it a way that is sustainable and scalable.  Linda was like a breath of fresh air, a super smart, friendly, encouraging, kick ass woman who had a huge toolkit and a wealth of knowledge and experience to boot.”  
Can I apply
If you have what it takes, submit your details and kick start the application process today.

​​The following are the criteria to apply for LevelUp:

  • Desire to make a global impact with your non-proift or social venture

  • Aspirations to build a 100M+ venture

  • Established product or offering ready to win in the global market

LevelUp session
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