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The Red Cross empowers people to perform extraordinary acts

red cross gala linda jenkinson

The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter provides relief to those affected by disasters and enables individuals in our community to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Helping people in the Bay Area learn how to take care of their families and neighbours strengthens our community and makes it more resilient to disasters large and small. The Red Cross does this by fostering a volunteer network, which is nearly 2,000 people strong in the Bay Area, and by forming partnerships with hundreds of government agencies, community organizations and businesses

Fundraising is Fun

In the four years that I served as volunteer co-chair/director for the Red Cross, we initiated programs that are now a staple of our community reach out and fundraising. First, we set up a series of bi-monthly receptions hosted by foreign consuls to reflect the international relief efforts of the Red Cross. These evenings have become coveted affairs in the city and have cemented community support for the Red Cross. Second, we created an annual gala marked by a red-dress ball, complete with a series of fashion shows leading up to the gala and thereby engaging San Francisco’s socially-conscious volunteer community.

harold brooks
Good friend and partner, Harold Brooks, CEO of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter


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