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Linda Jenkinson on creating Opportunities in Business

Linda Jenkinson has done it all – and then some.

The New Zealand-born globetrotting pioneer has joined a listed Australia stock exchange (ASX) company as chair to help drive its growth internationally. The company, Pureprofile, she says, is experiencing remarkable growth.

Linda Jenkinson says governance is the key to growth – and diversity within a board is important.

“I think they've really got something special.” The Australian-based company gives businesses insights into consumer behaviour and consumption, through proprietary market research. It builds profiles of consumers and give businesses the ability to understand and engage with their audiences. Founded 23 years ago, the company is now operating in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific and has more than 750 clients. Jenkinson says Pureprofile has the secret sauce. “It’s a winning formula." She should know. She’s been dominant in the corporate, entrepreneurial and governance spaces for the past 30 years and has built several multimillion-dollar companies around the world... Read the rest of the article on BusinessDesk here


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